Data + Science = Solution

Our Unique Technology

Advertising – Rebooted

Digitally Physical utilises a full stack of technologies from partners and our own unique solutions. We decided at the very beginning of our journey to not try to reinvent or copy other companies technologies. Instead we were lucky in discovering a unique venture capital company, which nurtures some amazing technologies. As such, we embraced deep rooted partnerships with Every Asset – probably the worlds most powerful asset solution, Tdazy – A world changing lifestyle application built around ease of use, privacy and user based preference advertising and voucher services.

Complimenting the solutions, we developed our SaaS to provide the solution via a common web interface, but also a group of API’s allowing the larger enterprise to bolt directly into their current technologies. We then selected Simply Procured to complete the contracts and Oper8 for the owners of the screens to manage, deploy, service and engage with potential clients. Our solution has then added a whole host of artificial intelligence, learning from the already vast quantities of data made available by Tdazy and Every Asset. With this, we have a young product with immense maturity.

“We did not intend to reinvent the wheel, but instead embrace global leading solutions – that’s a partnership!”