Intelligence Solution


Stationary advertising solutions are everywhere, in every place from malls through high streets to roads.  However, there is literally no targeting other than simplistic data driven from media agencies and signage providers.  Many devices are silos, still requiring USB media upload and slow to update.  Digitally Physical has brought together Every Asset and our close partner, Tdazy in order to produce powerful artificial intelligence, empowering companies in their advertising campaigns, to literally use the radar of our solution to connect and target consumers more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Digitally Physical has derived a solution to provide advertisers the power of precise target driven campaigns. Physical signage now is a dynamic solution, which with the speed of the internet, and our powerful SaaS solution, can display static or dynamic content within seconds of initiating a campaign.

With the power of our technology, campaign managers or agencies are able to select the exact type of consumer they wish to target. Using artificial intelligence and one of the largest datasets in the world, our solution returns the best fit results from all available signage solutions, even suggesting the best time of the day, day of the week and season. The solution removes the guess work, lowering campaign cost and maximising impact to the chosen audience. With our partner, Tdazy, campaigns can even be honed in to interact with those people who have profiles matching or able to be targeted by the campaign, even with the power to change a dynamic display as a person approaches the display.

Using a combination of our SaaS solution and Simply Procured, advertisers, media buyers and agencies are able to hone the campaign requirements, return the available medium and enter smart contracts of either immediate spot prices, or even future / long term contracts enabling more purchase power. Imagine being able to enter a contract for a seasonal campaign, with the reassurance that it will engage with the exact people it is meant to focus on. Imagine pay per view, but in the real world, and only directed to the correct audience. Imagine the ability to time share a mobile campaign with other companies who require a different audience / time of day. The power of engagement is firmly in the hands of the company engaging with the consumer.



Our solution combines a vast set of data, which does not expose consumer privacy, but allows for the most powerful and dynamic targeting available.  Underlying is the worlds leading block chain derivative and asset management solution.

Owners of stationary media are able to inject their assets directly into the Every Asset solution, opening them up to an entire, dynamic solution, driving occupancy of signage to reach clients globally.  Combining this with the Tdazy and Simply Procured solution allows entire landscapes of signage to become part of a global intelligence network, safely working with audiences without endangering their privacy, all whilst deriving the very best data and analytics.