Intelligence Solution


Mobile vehicle based advertising has long been inefficient, wasteful and poorly targeted.  Through intelligent location, demographic and time of day, companies are now able to specifically target their audience and even rapidly purchase advertising for last minute, directed campaigns.

Digitally Physical utilises the power of Every Asset and Tdazy to draw rich data from active consumers, location and trends based on time of the day, day of the week and month of the year to allow advertisers intelligent placement of mobile advertising.

A unique interface, or even direct API links to most project management and procurement systems allow for product owners, agencies and media buyers to leverage the powerful of artificial intelligence, to plan and execute campaigns directly to the audience most suitable to engage with the adverts. With mobile advertising, campaigns can adapt to the place and time, which the bus or other transport is. Last minute campaigns can target the vehicle via ultra fast 4 and now 5G networks, uploading still images or videos within seconds to an entire network of varying mobile services. Utilising Simply Procured, companies are able to enter smart contracts too, purchasing either spot contracts with immediate effect, or entering into long term futures contracts.

Imagine being able to enter a contract for a seasonal campaign, with the reassurance that it will engage with the exact people it is meant to focus on. Imagine pay per view, but in the real world, and only directed to the correct audience. Imagine the ability to time share a mobile campaign with other companies who require a different audience / time of day. The power of engagement is firmly in the hands of the company engaging with the consumer.


Our solution combines a vast set of data, which does not expose consumer privacy, but allows for the most powerful and dynamic targeting available.  Underlying is the worlds leading block chain derivative and asset management solution.

By storing vehicles and available advertising mediums within the solution, owners and /or tenants of LED based media are able to provide powerful and last minute availability to the available medium.