About Digitally Physical

Digitally Physical was created through the vision of taking advertising to a focused, targeted new era.

Digitally Physical was born through the desire to improve advertising to the masses, along with rebooting the sector in preparation for the future communications networks, mediums and people. Our world is changing at a pace we have never experienced before and with the avalanche of technology, we brought together a team of amazing people, fascinating partner companies and data scientists ready to realign the sector with the modern world.

We decided that it was important to take a view from the grass roots of advertising and start again, depicting every single medium as an asset based space. Then we looked at how the audience and their wide ranging profiles, wealth, interests and locations could impact the media presented to them. It was this point when our team engaged with the people experts within Tdazy and their app which is changing the whole world of lifestyle.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Our Mission

Mission & values

We have a very strong mission – to reboot the advertising world and realign it with the modern world.  We want to actually align adverts to those people who really want to see them and stop the unnecessary use of cardboard, print and wasteful resources.  We want to drive down the cost of advertising and open the sector up to the SMB’s who struggle with the large media purchasing agencies.

Our Future


We aim to release our products to companies from SMB to Enterprise and align them with the display owners.  We aim to make every single LED screen available for consumption by any company globally at the touch of a button.  We aim to drive down campaign pricing and increase popularity of assets from high streets to vast buildings in urban landscapes.